Retail and Distribution

Supply Chain Management with mobility
A complete trading ERP software solution

Retail and Distribution

Supply Chain Management is important
know the Turn around days, Inventory management, Vendor and client management

Why Gateway ERP

Business Process Management deployed

Challenges and complexity

of the industry is resolved by best practice of documentation and follow up in each department.


Retail industry enhaces with best price managment and discount matrix with offer and loyalty programs. PoS, quick delivery system in department stores, alternative parts in auto parts industry and so on.


Line distribution, delivery through sales order process with a process flow eases speedy and acurate transactions.

Finance And Accounting

Integrated with operational accounting and results to financials as per IFRS

HR & Fixed Asset Management

Payroll processing, time and leave management, terminal benefits accounting. Asset tracking and accounting of induction, depreciation and sales.

Reports & Reviews

Kaleidoscopic reports, bird’s eye view gadget and dash board, financial consolidation of branches and companies and integration reduces cost of information management

Let's look at our few Screens

Retail and Distribution


Department stores sales procedure, retail shops and kiosks can handled effeciently through PoS, Sales procedure and stores issue, Billing and delivery mechnism available in Gateway ERP. Daily collection, pending delivery closing, replenish stock through stock level control, diplay locations, sales with extra services.


Perfect Sales Order Process to manage distribution industry. Various configurable methods of pricing, packing and logistics, van distribution, procedure for non stock items, collection follow up, real time inventory management while taking orders, purchase decision support system are the features to manage.

FoC Management

FoC receving and selling as a policy or otherwise to be accounted properly to know the real trade margin as per invoice, product, client, vendor etc.. Automated costing system for FoC items included in the sales as a bundle package. Deferred delivery of FoC items included in the purchase order been treated with a process flow to costing per unit to be accurate.

Inventory Management

Product data managed well in Gateway ERP like Multiple quantity transactions, classification of products, bar coding, stock level management even in branch level, taxation, storage, serial numbers etc.. Apart from sales and purchase process, transactions like branch, location, bin to bin transfers are accounting in real time. Stock register, ledgers, quick search of stock are exambles.

Price Management

Systematic approach to price management enhaces routine evaluation of prices, while purchasing, and other wise. Interactive decision support dashboard provides details in depth to fix proper pricing and discount matrix. Client privileges, and auto discount functions enable faicilty to centralised control over product selling price. User defined discount matrix organise approval system


Proper floor planning can be done to have a full fledged ware house control. Third party logistics also will work in Gateway ERP. Multiple warehouses, ability to receive goods and keep as per bin/rack numbers eases the picking, packing and delivery of products as per sales order process. Real time stock audit function enhances stock control.

Procurement Procedure

Decision suppport system like stock level monitor, price, present stock, turn around days, seasonal sales are lead to make purchase orders. Order management, follow up, good receipt and retun, purchase invoice and return are routed through interactive dashboards. Price analysis, quote analysis made procurement effiecient.

Sales Order Process

Sales order process can be configured in various methods as per the order process and product, with reservation, only stock items, take order and procure and supply, pricing, quote and confirm orders, decision support system while creating orders. Sales order follow up, interactive dashboards to issue delivery notes, packing procedure, logistics purposes, and invoice processing.

Finance and Accounting

Operational accounting automise accounting from operations, other financial transactions are routed through approvals and interactive management dashboard. Real time posting and monitoring mechanism of post dated cheques, prepaments and security cheques. Term loan management, inter branch and inter company transactions allows to avoid reconcilitions. Real time financials, budgets, cash flow and supporting schedules provided monthly and periodical closing.

Fixed Asset Management

Assets are registered and managed in this module. Tracking of assets. Movement of assets to branch, location, employee, project and stores. Depreciation autocalcualtion and posting. Asset schedule to the financials are at real time. Valuation, disposal and sale of assets accounting automatically. Assets audit function allows to periodical audit and confirmation. Asset register as a schedule to balance sheet is automatic. Maintenance of assets and its improvment accounting


Data analytics : In process data analytics with interactive decision support system eases effort of data analysis and distribition to managers and users, whoever takes decisions. Real time data analysis also avaiable in mobile friendly dashboards available mobile friendly. Finacial as well as operatioanl data is analysed through various methods to take apt decision at right time. Inbuilt piivot tool will give direct option to analyse data in various methods.

HR Management

Preinduction and induction procedure of an employee. Time management with connectivity with biometric devices. Leave management through online approval process. Advance payment and auto deduction scheduled through payroll. Expiry management of employee documents and its follow up.
Payroll Processing, confirmation, posting and payment process routed trough a systematic process flow. Overtime will be calculated from time sheet used for cost accounting in projects and other industries. Appraisal and dedctions once approved will be automatically calculated as per effective date.
End of service Benefits such as Indemnity, leave salary and anuual travel allowance automatically calculcated for monthly posting. Disbursement of leave salary and travel is considered through a process, approval and payment. Resignation or Termination calculations done automatically as per the predefined calculation matrix.

Value Additions

Paperless Office : Document management system digitalise archives through out ERP enhances the eco friendly paperless office enviornment. Easy storing and retrieval of documents
SOP : Standard procedure has been derived on implementing Gateway ERP as it practices business process management in every function of ERP. Decision support system embedded trough inter active business intelligent board. Statistics of status and ageing of pending activities.
Software management: Access from anyhere as ERP is a web based application, can be installed at clooud or on premises. Strict access control for menus and BI reports. consistency and uniformity through out the application in look, feel, display system, tool tips etc. User friendly sequence for data input.

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